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About Sports-Betting-Winners.com

If you’re determined to make the most of your betting career, you’ve come to the right place. Sports-betting-winner.com, just as its name suggests, is dedicated to the best tips and predictions for your favorite games.

We are not teaching or forcing you to bet on specific matches, our mission is to help you find a suitable betting section according to your preferences and bookmaking experience.

We thrive on bringing you up to date with accurate predictions about various sports events, including some of the biggest football games. When you find yourself in time of trouble, you can always count on our betting know-how; our predictions have the most accurate data about both the game and the squad (accurate data = accurate winnings). Rest assured, the predictions are not made randomly; these are the games I bet on personally. The comments section under every recap or prediction gives you the possibility to become our sideline reporter, especially if you have interesting information or comments. Feel free to comment and discuss the developments on the betting market. And if you’re a sports fan and your area of expertise is something you would like to see reflected on the blog, just let me know.

This doesn’t mean that all we offer are predictions; remember we’re here to help each other out – we are brothers in bets, united in betting. We have a section dedicated to the best bookmakers on the market and for your benefit we included detailed description of their services, and you will never have to doubt a payment option as we have the best one listed and tested. Sports-betting-winner.com makes dull moments history.

About the Author

Before I continue, please let me introduce myself, so that you get a better idea of my professional attitude towards betting and my clients. My name is Adriaan Van Helsing, I’m a professional tipster and punter, and my area of expertise is Serie A football, my other predictions are also 100% accurate. Furthermore my information about team statistics and pre-match gossip is latest and hot of press. As you noticed, my football match predictions are extremely rich in details, but that’s only because I know how much research is needed for someone at the start of  his betting career. I hope the content I provide will help you to be a better bettor and you will pop in to this site for some fresh information and hints about bookmaking.

I want to create a place where everyone can express their opinion freely and expand their knowledge, because as I pointed out earlier, we are united in betting and our main purpose is a winning sheet. The fact that we’re bound to disagree will help us to create a living and active blog everyone will always come back to, the one you and other users contributed to, so feel free to share your betting know-how, insider news or other facts.

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