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Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap

If you mingle in the gambling society, you have probably heard the term “Handicap betting“. This notion has become extremely popular among the fans of tennis, rugby, basketball and football (soccer). These are the main sports disciplines that favor handicap betting. However, it doesn’t mean that all the other sports don’t offer such an option. For example, handicapping is available in the case of horse racing as well. But before going into details, let’s first figure out what handicap betting is.

Generally speaking, it is an increasingly popular form of betting, which is known under various names: “Points betting“, “Spread Betting“, “Line Betting“, and “Asian Handicap“. Its essence is quite simple: Bookmakers try to equalize the chances of different contestants for winning by means of subtracting or adding a certain number of points from and to the competition players or teams.

It would be better to illustrate handicap betting with an easy-to-understand example. American football is probably the most popular sport where this kind of betting is applied. So let’s imagine that this week two teams (team A and team B) are playing. Considering that team A is favorite to win, the bookmakers have set for it a -2.5 points handicap. So what does it mean? Basically, it means that if you wager on the team A, they have to win by 3 points or more, so you could win the bet. In case you bet on the team B, they can either lose or win by 2 points or less.

Handicapping is often depicted in the following manner: Team A +2.5 vs. Team B -2.5. It may seem a bit confusing at the beginning, but it’s actually quite simple. So if you place a bet on the team A, you subtract 2.5 from their final score (-2.5) and if their score happens to be greater than the score of team B, you win the bet.


On the other hand, if you decide to wager on the team B, you add 2.5 points (+2.5) to their final score. If after adding these points the final score of team B is greater than the other team’s, you win the bet.

However, if for Bayern the bookmakers set an Asian Handicap of -2.5 or -3.5 goals, the odds for the Bavarians to win will rise accordingly, as they could reach 1.90 or even more, depending on the chosen handicap. As a matter of fact, handicap betting comes in handy when there’s a game between a heavy favorite like Bayern Munich and a much weaker team, such as one at the bottom of the league standings.

Most punters consider Asian handicap betting to be a present, because it eliminates one of the possible outcomes of the game/match. In an ordinary match there are three options: you have a loser, a winner or a draw. When it comes to Asian handicap betting, draw is excluded from that list, you may have either a winner or a loser.

Handicap betting adds a bit of diversity to your wagering opportunities. Before trying the Asian handicap betting, make sure to learn all the nuances and details, look through several Handicap betting tutorials in order to enhance your chances for success, and eliminate the possibility of failing.

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