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Multiple bookmaker accounts

Multiple bookmaker accounts

Multiple bookmaker accounts


Beginner bettors usually have only one single account opened at one of the bookmakers, while those who are considered to be the sharks in the sports betting arena always have multiple bookmaker accounts.

Is it an idle whim, or it actually makes sense? If I like Betfair, then why should I open accounts at other operators?

Let’s figure that out!

As a rule, amateurs stick to only one bookmaker, because they are more or less comfortable with its service and trust it with their money. However, those who plan to make a long-term and successful career as a gambler open multiple accounts at different bookmakers. Experienced punters call this notion “shopping around”. It may come as a surprise for you but different bookmakers offer different odds, and it would be very silly to stick to only one bookie, especially if it doesn’t offer attractive odds.

Once you have multiple bookmaker accounts, you’ll get an opportunity to choose the most luring prices and odds for a game/match you want to wager on. There are odds comparison sites, where you can check the odds and track certain inconsistencies. The odds may be different, because bookmakers rate the games differently. This inconsistency also takes place because when the gamblers start placing their bets, the bookmakers try to balance the bets on both sides of the competition, and eventually the odds change.

Having multiple accounts will allow you to take advantage of the differences between the bookmakers’ offers. This way you will have the freedom of choice to pick only the most appealing odds and prices, and increase your opportunities in the intriguing world of sports betting.

Here are several advantages of having multiple accounts:

Perhaps the most important reason for that are the appealing welcome bonuses, offered by various bookmakers. It is their biggest trump card used to attract potential customers. The competition between the bookies becomes stiffer and stiffer every day, that’s why online operators regard as a mandate to offer the most appealing bonuses, so the gamblers will be attracted exclusively to them. So why not take advantage of the generous offers offered by the biggest players in the game, such as bet365 for example?

The other advantage is flexibility. The truth is that all the bookmakers vary in the services they provide. These differences may concern sports betting markets, customer service and such features like in-play betting. In this case, having multiple accounts will allow you to choose what’s more appealing and suitable personally for you. You won’t have to compromise with the limited opportunities of your bookmaker. On the contrary, your options will be open for new experiences and possibilities.

It may come as a surprise, but sports coverage is sometimes overlooked by bettors. It is worth noting that some well-known bookmakers, such as William Hill cover all the possible leagues very thoroughly, while others appear to be quite picky, and cover only some of them, or all of them but for a specific part of the world. Having multiple accounts will help you find the most suitable bookie, that is able of meeting your requirements at full.

Truth be told, sports betting is more of a job, than amusement. If viewed from the bookmaker’s point of view, it is a serious business. That’s why bookies don’t want you to win in the long run. You should take into consideration that most of them take certain measures like limiting or closing your account, if you have a winning streak. In this case you have two most obvious options: you may try your luck somewhere else and change a bookmaker, or you may start losing from time to time, so your winnings won’t be too suspicious.

Risk management seems to be a good reason to at least consider having several accounts. Nowadays there are thousands of bookmakers which offer attractive odds and assure bettors of their credibility. However, not all of them are trustworthy, and before choosing one, make a proper research in order to minimize your risk.

Avoid losing out. It often happens that bettors find their accounts closed all of a sudden and without any notification. This point is sometimes covered in the bookmaker’s terms & conditions section, and aims at protecting the business from experienced professional gamblers. Due to the fact that it’s not likely to win every single bet, try to distribute your profits among different sites.

It is up to you whether you should open multiple accounts or not, but note that any experienced punter will tell you that in this case the game is worth the candles.

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