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Sports Betting – 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Sports Betting – 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Sports Betting – 10 Mistakes to Avoid


Only an amateur or a fool thinks that it takes pure luck to be successful at sports betting.

Don’t let yourself be misled by the belief that winnings come by chance or only to the children of fortune. As a matter of fact, it takes much more than that, and besides luck a good punter must have keenness of wit, great intuition, long sight, and a deep understanding of what lies behind gambling. You might have an impression that you know quite enough in order to succeed in the sports betting arena, but you should know that there’s never too much studying when it comes to this field. This article is aimed at listing 10 most common mistakes bettors commit.

  • Mistake no.1

Changing the initial bet

Determination is probably the most important quality of a good and successful punter. Once you have made up your mind, don’t jump to another bet if some other team looks more appealing to you. There is always a chance that even the universally recognized favorite will lose, and in this case you will fail as well.

  • Mistake no.2

Placing a bet if the odds have changed drastically

Let’s imagine that you’ve spent a great deal of time researching, made up your mind, and finally placed a bet. However, something went wrong and the bookmakers changed the odds to a great extent. You might think about wagering on another team, but it won’t be reasonable, as far as in this case you didn’t do your homework. That’s why it would be better to take a step back and have a break.

  • Mistake no.3

Trusting the so-called “insiders”

When it comes to gambling, you should never follow the trends or give too much credit to “insiders”. Truth be told, you’ll find these “experts” at every corner, and all of them will be eager to share their precious knowledge with you. But seriously, why would they give you good advice, if they could benefit from this information themselves? Just be reasonable, and don’t underestimate your intuition. Never disregard research and don’t follow the dubious pieces of advice. You’re just as capable as any of the tipsters to predict the outcome of a given match/game.

  • Mistake no.4

Not knowing when to stop

It would be very silly of you to count on constant winnings. It’s very likely that you will find yourself in a situation when none of your bets are successful. So please, don’t spend the rest of the day/night betting on everything that moves. It’s true that gambling takes more than pure luck, but this aspect is as important as the others. There will always be more games to bet on, so it would be better to wait for your enthusiasm and inspiration to return. Bet reasonably, not only for the sake of betting.

  • Mistake no.5

To have great expectations for gambling

None of the punters have made a fortune in several weeks after starting their gambling career. So it would be at least naive to think that once you start to bet, you will immediately become a millionaire. Bookmakers motivate you to wager on several events and wager big. Only amateurs fall to this scheme because of their burning desire to gain wealth instantly. But the golden rule says: “a successful punter is a patient punter”.

  • Mistake no.6

Betting in an emotional state of mind

If you’re too emotional, and each failure seems like a knife stuck into your heart, you’d better admit that gambling is not for you. Like it or not, losing is something you can’t avoid if you’re placing bets. As a matter of fact, sports betting has much in common with working on a stock market. You will have both your lucky and unfortunate days.

  • Mistake no.7

To forget about the draw

It’s quite easy to find a favorite when you’re choosing a team to bet on. But most of the amateurs don’t take the draw into their consideration. It really doesn’t matter whether you predict the exact score for the draw, or you want to wager on a goalless draw, just don’t overlook it. It is so important because most of the bookies offer very attractive odds for the games where both teams are equally strong in the defense area.

  • Mistake no.8

To boast

If you’re being extremely lucky in gambling, you should never gloat over the other bettor’s failure; and vice versa, if Fortune doesn’t favor you currently, don’t complain about it. In both situations you should stay cold-headed and reserved, because in the world of gambling things change extremely quickly: now you’re at the top of the world, and in a minute it turns out that you’ve lost your bet.

  • Mistake no.9

Constantly placing bets on your favorites

This point appears to be a bit disputable, because some punters prefer to ignore it. However you should know, or at least take into consideration, that you simply can’t be objective and cold-headed when it comes to your favorite team. In this case, you tend to listen to your heart rather than to your head, and it may eventually end bad. Gambling is all about presence of mind and cold math, so think twice before wagering on the team you personally support.

  • Mistake no.10

Wagering more than you can afford

Keep your emotions apart and don’t bet more than you can afford. Professional punters usually place from 1 to 3% of their total bankroll at a time. It is quite reasonable, taking into consideration the high risk of failing. You might think that this particular bet will bring you a fortune, but if you’re mistaken, you end up with an empty bankroll.

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