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free-boxWhat does a person need to become a successful punter? Most definitely a full arsenal of successful betting tools; some sites even offer  the download of some special software, promising to give you access to some fresh, useful information that will help you to become a thriving bettor.

Take a step back, because most likely this will turn out to be a trick, because to become a prosperous bettor you don’t need any kind of sophisticated program. Our blog introduces you to betting tools known by the entire gambling community, tools that never failed.

The Livescore section

The blog offers access to real life features from all major leagues in the world, as well as some inferior and even youth leagues. You can choose any of the sports we offer, and even select several tabs that will either simplify the way in which a score is presented, or point you towards the Fixture tab that will let you select and filter the games by the date, league or time. Every game is presented with a mini chart, and if you see this sign, you can click on it and it will take you to the page where the game is analyzed. And if you know the ins and outs of the sport you’re betting on, it will be a sure win no matter what.
Live Stream
Odds Comparison

The Live stream section

Gives you  the opportunity to watch games you won’t have access to via your TV. We think this is one of the easiest ways to find the best bets for a game, especially if you’re a fan of multitasking. There are several streams you can choose from and they are completely free of charge; it gets even easier if you already have an account opened with the bookmaker in charge of the stream. If you watch the game you bet on via live stream you’re  offered the possibility of getting to learn more about both teams,  and you can always be aware of the ways in which the game might develop. But in the end the live streams we provide you with are just a really helpful tool to aid you in finding the best odds in sports betting.

The Odds Comparison section

Gives you a prefect and complete overview of the biggest bookmakers’ odds. If you already have an account with several, you might be in for a treat without knowing it. Our blog’s comparison tool gets and compares odds from over 25 leading bookmakers worldwide; all you have to do is select the market you’re interested in. If you click on “Select Company” you can choose the bookmakers you’re most interested in, and the tool will display their odds as the bookmakers are divided according to the odds they offer, be it handicap, or the simple 1×2.

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