A lot of excitement in one tournament! Champions Cup 2018 continues with the most qualified matches all around the world. From tonight until tomorrow morning, we will watch six encounters in total. The matches will be played at the Heinz Field which is located in Pennsylvania, United States. Out of these six, we chose the one between the German representative Dortmund and the Portuguese representative Benfica because we think that the result is obvious and a win is guaranteed. But if you choose the best betting broker for European exchanges, there’s nothing can hold you back in term of profit!


A Great Beginning From Dortmund:

Dortmund completed last season at the 4th place in Germany Bundesliga. It’s possible to say that they had an inefficient season despite their strong squad. They were expected to come second, but they hardly even managed to participate in the Champions League. In the Champions Cup before the season, they defeated Manchester City and Liverpool, and they proved how strong actually they are. Now, they will confront one of the weakest teams in the tournament which is Benfica.

Benfica Will Struggle:

Let’s also have a look at Benfica quickly. They came second in the Portugal Premier League last year. They gave the title away to Porto, which were ahead of Benfica with seven points. In the Champions Cup, they have been facing off strong components obviously. We don’t believe that they have the power to Dortmund which has two wins at the moment.

I think it’s pretty clear what our betting option will be for this encounter. Dortmund will have an easy victory over Benfica. For such matches, where one team is the obvious favorite, you definitely need to find the highest odds so that your bet can have value. That’s why we suggest you to open original Betfair account via betting broker.

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