For High Rollers

Professional bettors know that it is hard to find high limits especially when you are betting on small leagues. Most of the time you have to choose one; either it will be a small league game with lower limits or a top league with higher limits. This makes things harder for high rollers of course. But this tradition is about to change with the function that VIP-IBC, the best betting platform, offers for its players.

Options for high rollers

The function is called “Skype Brokerage” and it lets you see offers from private bookies that VIP-IBC works with through their special betslip, whose only and unique function is not limited with this. With Skype Brokerage, you are able to get in contact with the broker and see the maximum limit he offers. You may think that it is not enough but do not worry, the best betting agent, BET-IBC, also thought the same and they made the function more appealing especially for high rollers by giving them the opportunity to negotiate with the broker himself. This way it is guaranteed to get the best limits in the market and enjoy much bigger winnings.

How to Use this Function?:

In fact it is not something that requires anything extra except registering for the best betting software, VIP-IBC, and request it to be enabled, then the function will be at your service via the special betslip. You just click on the icon on the top-right corner of the betslip and choose the best offer that suits you most or talk with the broker and come into terms that will suit your needs best. Piece of cake!


Skype Brokerage is the best option if you are a highroller or planning to take a step into the world of high rollers with highest limits, meaning bigger winnings. If you are still dissatisfied with the limits, you can also check out Skype Betting service with the best betting agent for Asian bookmakers offers and start betting with no limits and in smaller leagues!

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