Dutch Eredivisie

General Information:

The Eredivisie is the highest ranked football league in Holland, and one that has remained among Europe’s top ones, even though it is smaller than other leagues. It comprises 18 teams, who end up playing 34 games throughout the entire season.

Traditionally, the two best teams from the league are Ajax Amsterdam and Feyenoord Rotterdam, whose rivalry is well-known even outside Holland. You will get better quality football in other leagues, but if you’re looking for highly entertaining games, you need to follow Holland’s top league.


Eredivisie’s first history assessment goes way back in time, more exactly to 1889, when a 24-year-old founded the first National Football League – a small organization with 9 clubs, who got to decide by themselves when they were going to play the matches. In 1904, the league joined FIFA as a founding member, and in 1905 the national team played its first international game.

After the introduction of professional football in 1954, Eredivisie came to be the league we know today, uniting the strongest clubs in Holland in a nationwide competition.

Ajax Amsterdam is the first club to win the championship in 1956; as it has won a total of 31 titles, it’s the most successful club in the Netherlands. PSV comes a close second with 21 titles. Feyenoord has won the title 14 times, their last one being gained a long time ago, in 1999.

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Eredivisie has 18 teams and the one with the most points at the end of one season is crowned champion. At the other end of the standing table are the three relegation spots; only the 18th place drops out without any kind of playoff, while the other two teams are included in a series of games against the first placed ones from Eerste Divisie.

If they win both games, they are allowed to stay in the league for the following summer, if not, they are relegated and will have to make their way back up again next year. The two teams that are on top of the Eredivisie table qualify for the Champions League and the ones that are placed on the next three spots get their Europa League tickets. Bet on Eredivisie at Betfair, the best exchange for live betting!


A short while back, Eredivisie closed one of its biggest sponsorship deals ever. They sold the right to broadcast their matches to FOX and the media magnate hopes to obtain roughly 80 million dollars per year. Amstel Bier, Puma, Mercedes Benz, and Coca Cola are listed among the sponsors of Holland’s best teams; Philips, for example, is still considered to be PSV’s main sponsor, same as Nike, who is the provider of their kit.

Sponsors are investing in Dutch football because it has a really good and steady run, and nobody can contest its style of play, that concentrates on attacks. Keep in mind that bookmakers aren’t strangers to this fact and thus, the best Eredivisie odds will be found only here, be it on half time score or even the score for the entire game. One of the for Eredivisie betting is VIP-IBC, the best betting software for multiple bookmakers.


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