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Even though the German Bundesliga wasn’t formed until 1963, its history and organization managed to shape it into one of the biggest leagues in the world. Players with ruthless efficiency, amazing organization skills, and the ability to regroup even after tough games are the strongest points Bundesliga teams have and other leagues can only dream of.

Bayern München is the country’s biggest club with 28 titles and the ability to win every championship. However, in the last years, a handful of other Bundesliga teams emerged to make themselves a name on the international arena and they tried to challenge Bayern’s dominance. Borussia Dortmund, Werder Bremen and Stuttgart’s performances in the Champions League are bringing the points it needs to stay up there in the elite of the football world.


Bundesliga was founded in 1963 and previously it was divided into regional groups, which lost their power in the long run as they were unable to challenge the giants. It was always pointed out that after the Bundesliga was formed, German football improved and the level of competitiveness started being shown on international levels. Before its formation, football was played at a semi-amateur level and teams qualified for the league on the basis of economic criteria.

In 1964, it was created a new league with 16 teams and the first champion was FC Köln. This is where German football began its rise; already in the 1980s, teams from the Bundesliga participated in four UEFA Cup and Champions League finals, with Leverkusen winning the UEFA Cup in 1988. After 2000, the Bundesliga saw a decline in the European arena, up to the point the teams lost their Champions League spots; but now they are up there on top again.

Hamburger SV is the only German club to play all of 50 seasons of the Bundesliga, followed by Werder Bremen with 49, and Bayern Munich and Stuttgart with 48 seasons. All clubs come from big cities, with exceptions from FC Kaiserslautern and Hoffenheim. Pinnacle, the sportsbook with the best limits has the best Bundesliga odds, learn more and join!

Originally, a Bundesliga victory was worth two points, but in the 1990s they changed the format accordingly to the European style and started awarding 3 points. According to UEFA’s rankings, the top three clubs qualify for the group stage of Champions League, while the fourth one has to take part in an additional qualifying round. Seeing as there are 18 teams, the bottom two relegate into Bundesliga 2, while the 16th-placed one has to play a match with a team from the second Bundesliga to avoid relegation.

Even the best tipsters will tell you that although the Bundesliga seems to be an affair between Bayern and the rest of the league, there are still teams ready to deliver an unexpected upset to one of the giants. The best deals for Bundesliga matches can be found on the best betting software for multiple bookies, VIP-IBC.


The majority of Bundesliga teams have the best sponsors on the market, who have no trouble doubling the amount of money in order to remain their sole sponsors. Deutsche Telekom, Bayern Munich’s shirt sponsors, pays the team a total of 30 million Euros per year; Coca Cola doubled the amount of money they were paying Bayern to remain their official beverages supplier.

Hermes is the league’s official sponsor, and since January 2013 all teams from both divisions of the Bundesliga are wearing the company’s logo on their left sleeve. Also, Hermes will be in charge of transporting the Bundesliga winners’ plate to the needed location the day it will be presented to eventual winners.

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