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Spain’s Primera Division or LaLiga has a history of over 80 years and has become one of the biggest leagues in the world. According to the IFFHS, LaLiga is ranked first in the world. Up to this day, only three teams can add the fact of playing in every LaLiga game to their list of records: Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Athletic Bilbao. If you are familiar, you will soon realize why LaLiga is called “La Liga de las Estrellas” (the league of stars), and why bookmakers offer the best odds for the matches, whether they are high profile or not.

Attendance-wise, LaLiga is situated on the third place in Europe, falling short after the Bundesliga and the Premier League. Real Madrid and Barcelona have always been the dominant forces in Spanish football, and there’s no wonder that the duel between them attracts millions of viewers by providing an amazing spectacle to the fans.


After football became professional in Spain in 1925, its most important clubs gathered to take part in LaLiga, following the British example. The first tournament took place in 1928, and the first champion was FC Barcelona. With just 10 teams, it provided less room for entertainment, since the teams knew each other really well. So, starting in 1934, LaLiga already had 12 teams.

In 1984, LaLiga went under the patronage of the National League of Professional Football, and in 1995 a new system of awarding points for each game was used already, with teams being given three points for a win, instead of two.

Out of 59 clubs who took part in the competition, only three managed to win the title and have an original trophy in their collection. These teams are Real Madrid with 5 original trophies, Barcelona with 4 and Athletic Bilbao with one. We provide the best LaLiga predictions, a new game each week. Thus, boredom is not a word we have in our vocabulary. BET-IBC, the best betting agent for Asian bookmakers, is certainly one of the best options for LaLiga betting offers.


With 20 teams, LaLiga sums up 38 matches at the end of each season, played in two legs. If at the end of the season several teams have the same number of points, LaLiga teams are divided using somewhat different criteria than other leagues:

-Points from matches between teams.
-Goal difference from matches between teams.
-Most goals from matches between teams.
-Goal difference from all matches.
-Most goals from all matches.

After the teams are separated accordingly and we have our designated champion, we can already point out the teams who will take part in European competitions. The first three teams go directly into the groups of the Champions League, the fourth one goes through a qualification round. VIP-IBC, the best betting software for multiple bookmakers, is also a good option to place bets for LaLiga matches.


According to Sports Business, LaLiga is the biggest struggler in Europe when it comes to shirt sponsors, which is especially tough for average teams. Qatar Airways signed a deal with Barcelona to appear on their shirts starting in 2014, while Real Madrid extended their agreement with Betfair for other several years.

Television rights are equally divided between Barcelona and Real Madrid, while the other teams may sell broadcasting rights a little better if they have a good run in the European tournaments. In Pinnacle Sports, you can also find a sportsbook with best odds and limits.


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