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The Superliga Argentina is the main football league in Argentina and is settled at the top of the league system. It works based on a general system of promotion and relegation with the Primera B Nacional (second division). Each of the seasons is divided into two parts, almost the same as in Serie A, but the difference is that in the Primera Division, the winners of each of the two tournaments are declared a champion. The most well-known club in Argentina’s history is River Plate with a total of 34 titles. If you want to bet on any of the games, the best Primera Division tips and predictions can be found here, since some of the bookmakers where we place our bets often offer the best Primera Division odds.


What started in 1840 as a simple way of passing time, soon turned into a passion that knows no bounds. But, even with enthusiasm, it was never easy establishing grounds for football when there were so many disagreements. In 1893 Alejandro Watson Hutton established the Argentine Association Football League and the first championship took place in Buenos Aires. Up until the point where the professional status of the League was recognized, Argentinean football went through hard times, as it didn’t manage to find its place among the elite of the world.

From 1931 until 1966, the Primera Division was played after the European model, with the team with most points being crowned champion. During this period, Argentina established its five big clubs, Boca Juniors, River Plate, Independiente, Racing and San Lorenzo and no other team won the league in 36 years. Between 1967 and 1985, the European format was dropped and replaced by two different championships: the Metropolitano and the Nacional. Join BET-IBC and open an account via best betting agent for Superliga offers!


Up until this season, the league was divided into two short championships that named a champion each. Starting with 2012-2013, the format was modified and there won’t be two different champions per season anymore. Instead, the winners of both tournaments will play each other to single out the winner. Relegation is based on a system of average results; the team with the least points after 38 games leaves the league.

From the beginning, only two teams were allowed to play in Copa Libertadores, which is kind of like the Champions League of South America, but after the change in the format, up to five teams were allowed to take part in this prestigious tournament, that is gaining more and more recognition every year. Knowing that the style of play allows multiple scored goals, which means that betting with Pinnacle Sports, the best betting bookmaker with the best betting tips indicate that the best odds are given for the number of goals and the overall result.


Primera Division manages to attract big names for sponsorship contracts, such as Adidas, Coca Cola and Budweiser. A few years ago, you could even see the likes of PokerStars and Peugeot on the shirts. Puma supports Independiente, while Nike and Adidas backed Boca Juniors and River Plate. BBVA, Wal-Mart, Petrobas, Paladini, and Pirelli are also listed among the sponsors. For the best betting options, bet on VIP-IBC the best betting platform for multiple bookmakers.

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