Conor McGregor donates 1m euros worth of equipment

The Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor announced that he is planning to pledge 1m euros of protective equipment in order to help Ireland fight against Coronavirus. Yesterday, he posted a private exchange he made with Irish Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe. Apparently, Donohoe reached out to McGregor to ask for his help to encourage social distancing in Ireland. The enthusiasm of McGregor can be clearly seen in this private exchange as he promises to use his platforms to encourage hand washing and social distancing as much as he can. He also assures Donohoe that he will buy 1 million euro worth of protective equipment to be deployed at hospitals fighting against coronavirus. The number of current coronavirus cases stands at 1329. Should the necessary measures not be taken, it is very likely that the pandemic will cause much more damage in Ireland. In this context, what McGregor does to encourage social distancing and his recent donation to hospitals set an example to other sportspeople around the world. While almost any sports events are on hold due to coronavirus, bettors can still find markets for their bets. One of those markets is E-Sports. If you are looking for a place to place your e-sports bets, we suggest you to open a PS3838 account via betting agent.

Other Athletes Participating in the War Against Coronavirus

Athletes from all around the world donated thousands to support the fight against Covid-19. As you know, the NBA was one of the first associations to postpone the matches until further notice and it set a precedent for whole the world. It was mostly because of Rudy Gobert, who was one of the first athletes to test positive. After Utah Jazz’s center was tested positive, many NBA players used their social media platforms to raise awareness. Moreover, players such as Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetekounmpo, Zion Williamson, Blake Griffin, and many others donated money for different causes after the pandemic hit the USA. Some of these players donated money to cover the salaries of hourly workers of their organizations and some of them donated money to hospitals. Most recently, Brooklyn Nets’ superstar, Kyrie Irving donated $323,000 to Feeding America. He also announced that he will donate 250,000 meals. In conclusion, it seems impossible to guess how long the fight against coronavirus will continue for the moment. All we can do is to remain cautious and stay at home. You can still enjoy your day at home by exploring the options offered by the best betting agent.

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