Tonight’s one of the last matches will be played between Panama and Tunisia. In honor of the last group matches, we also wanted to write a prediction dedicated to this encounter. Both of the teams have already said their farewells to the World Cup, but they want to end their story with a victory. Keep on reading and after you prepare your winning bet, don’t forget to place it on the best betting platform for multiple bookies!

Panama has no claims in the group. They managed to be on the top three with the performance they showed in the eliminations. In the last match against Costa Rica, they succeeded not to play in the playoffs. However, they couldn’t make a start as they wanted in the World Cup. Of course, they were already feeling the disadvantages when they were placed in the same group with such strong teams as England and Belgium. They faced Belgium first and were defeated 3-0. Their second match was with England and this time, they conceded six goals to zero. By this, their hopes for getting out of the groups sank into deep and disappeared. We must underline that they conceded 9 goals in two matches, and they have the title of the team with the most conceded goals.

Similar to Panama, Tunisia is one of the underdogs of this group. They were pretty ineffective in the two matches they played in the groups, and they have no assertions with the performance they’ve displayed so far. However, in the eliminations, they haven’t lost a single match in six matches and finished the group stages as leaders. They were able to hold on until the 90th minute in their first match against England, but they lost the game dramatically with Kane’s set-piece goal. In the second match against Belgium, they couldn’t help but be defeated 5-2.

Again, this is a match which is hard to bet on a winner. Tunisia seems to be one step ahead of Panama, but we expect both teams to score in this struggle for prestige. You can also finish the group stage with a winning. You only need to open VIP-IBC account via betting agent for the World Cup.

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