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French Ligue 1

French Ligue 1

French Ligue 1

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General Information:

The league system in France is not that different from all other leagues, as it comprises teams from all over the country including Monaco; it looks more like a pyramid, seeing as there are up to 16 national leagues, and those finishing first get the chance to be promoted higher, setting up the goal to finish anywhere near Ligue 1.

The season usually starts in August only to end in May, usually before the Champions League finals. Even though it’s not one of the most popular leagues and the attendance numbers seem to drop every year, it still offers a really enjoyable championship with unpredictable results and where the position on the table doesn’t even matter. A league like that is what makes betting look really good. The best odds are offered by Ladbrokes in games where you can pick a favorite, but then there’s always the chance factor. The best Ligue 1 predictions can only be found here, as the games we write about are the ones we place our bets upon.

Ligue 1 is one of the few ones in the world that doesn’t risk immediate bankruptcy because of UEFA’s new regulations. That’s only because it’s known worldwide as one that implements the rules without any hesitation and has only been involved in 3 major scandals from which it always managed to recover fairly quickly. Lyon and Marseille are two of the richest clubs ever and more recently PSG joined their ranks after getting new owners. It may not produce as much revenue as other leagues, but it is rising steadily, mainly by selling collective television rights.

Marseille and Saint Etienne are the clubs which were crowned champions the majority of times, while Lyon took over in the last years, winning the title seven years in a row. You may argue that it provided little to no action this way, but who doesn’t remember the PSG – Lyon game that ended with a record of 8 goals? So, if you want to bet on goal difference game, Ligue 1 is the place for you.


ultimaThe French Ligue 1 has its roots way back in 1872, when the first football game was played. After several attempts of organizing the game, 1894 saw the first championship among the clubs, but from the outside it looked more like only teams from Paris were taking part; the Standard Athletic Club was the first winner. In 1896, the league expanded to comprise 9 teams and after the State separated from the Church, the love for football spread into other regions of the country.

Since the quality of play was higher in some teams than others, Sochaux suggested organizing a competition only for the most valuable teams. Even if 1930 saw only 8 teams taking part in the competition, a year later the number rose to 20 teams that were divided into groups of 10, with the final match being played among the two best placed teams. During the span of several years, more teams joined the tournament, which was divided into more regional groups, slowly shaping the league we know today.

In recent years the title has been won by the following clubs: PSG, Nantes, AS Monaco and Bordeaux, before Lyon took the stage and won the title without allowing anyone to even come close to taking it away. Lille won the title in 2011 and made it a double success by also getting the Cup and a new trophy in the form of a spiral, that symbolized French football’s walk towards improvement and constant modernization.


At the top of the French football system is the professional French League, which oversees all played games in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Below them are the three national levels, and further down – the regional levels<, with teams from all the counties and sub-regions of France and Monaco. Up until today there were 20 teams in Ligue 1, who played against each other twice, and in the end they got ranked on the scoring table according to the number of points, goal differences and goals scored. Ligue 1 also used to have a relegation system similar to the Eredivisie, where teams had to take part in playoff games in order to be promoted or stay in an inferior division.

Seeing as Ligue 1 is the fifth-placed league in Europe, UEFA allows it to send two teams into the Champions League groups and several others into the Europa League qualifications. The winners of the Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue also get a shot at European greatness, even though only 2 clubs managed to win a European tournament so far, PSG and Marseille. Domestically, apart from Saint Etienne, Marseille and Nantes, AS Monaco, Lyon and Bordeaux were able to hold up L’Hexagonal, which is Ligue 1’s trophy, more than 3 times, thus entering the elite of French football. Speaking of French football, there is no better place offering great Ligue 1 odds like Titan Bet. Most of the time we will be betting on our Ligue 1 tips there.


Orange, former Ligue 1 title sponsor has won the rights to distribute live coverage of the games on all mobile devices that support the service. Seeing as Ligue 1 decided to choose other kick-off times for their games in order not to interfere with other European leagues, don’t be surprised if you see a full stadium late at night or some really early games around noon.

Parmigiani Fleurier is Marseille’s official sponsor and it also awards the best player of the club with a trophy on a monthly basis, as voted by the fans. Hyundai secured Lyon as their representative in Ligue 1, by signing a 5 million Euros a year deal, that will forge their way into the European football market. Kia extended their partnership with Bordeaux for another few years, following Peugeot’s example of doing the same thing with Sochaux. Visit sports-betting-winners.com regularly for the most accurate Ligue 1 tips and predictions on the web!

Intersting facts about French Ligue 1:

  • Evian’s win over Sochaux with 5-1 in 2013 was the first time the club won a Ligue 1 match with a margin of more than 3 goals.
  • Saint Etienne had 16 clean sheets in the 2004-2005 tournament.
  • Marseille’s Jordan Ayew set the record for quickest red card in a Ligue 1 game, after he was sent off after just 111 seconds.
  • PSG’s goalkeeper, Salvatore Sirigu, set a record of 776 minutes of not conceding any goals in 2013, and breaking the previous one held by Bernard Lama.
  • Nantes is the team with the most appearances in Ligue 1, with a total of 44 seasons starting in 1963.

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