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Italian Serie A

Italian Serie A

Italian Serie A

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General Information :

Italy’s Serie A (officially known as Serie A TIM, because of its main sponsor – Telecom Italia) is the top league in the football system and has been the way we know it today since 1929. According to UEFA’s coefficients, Serie A is placed among the 5 most prolific leagues in the world, which outs our bookmakers in prime position to offer the best odds. If we were to rank it attendance wise, Serie A would be situated on the 4th place, after the Bundesliga, Premier League and La Liga. Even though viewers’ numbers continue to drop, its best-known teams – Inter, AC Milan and Juventus are still among the best supported ones in the country. Serie A has also delivered the most European Cup finalists, seeing as Italian clubs have reached the final on a record number of 26 occasions. Speaking of records, check out our Serie A match predictions statistics and learn what we’re really good at here!

Juventus Torino, Internazionale and AC Milan are all founding members of G-14, a selected group made up of the largest and most prestigious clubs in Europe. Having said that, it will be fairly easy to state the fact that Milan is one of the clubs which has won all official international titles in the world and Juventus are considered Italy’s most successful club of the century.


incredible show offered by the Italian fansSerie A’s history begins in 1898, when they organized the first official championship. The only downside was that it was divided in regional groups and there has always been a direct competition between them that had nothing to do with football. Its internal struggles and problems led to a radical change in 1929, when Serie A was created in the format we have today. A single governing body was appointed and the official name of the league was the National Division Serie A, which comprised 18 teams; The early seasons were dominated by Juventus, who won five consecutive title between 1930 and 1935. The best Serie A match tips and predictions constitute an important part of this blog – it’s one of our favorite leagues too!

Even when tragedy struck in 1949, when A.C. Torino players were coming back from a friendly match against Benfica and their plane crashed into a hill, killing the entire team, marked a new beginning for Serie A. It ended the hierarchy and began the transition to the modern day tournament.

The stage was now almost entirely occupied by Juventus, Milan and Internazionale, who were alternating in winning the titles. The first one was won by Juventus, even if Milan managed to produce one of the biggest upsets in their history with a 1-7 defeat in front of their own supporters. In 1954 Milan dominated the championship from the start and won having absolutely no problem. The Big Three era ended abruptly when Fiorentina managed to snatch the trophy gaining a 12 points lead from the second placed AC Milan. Juventus didn’t dwell on the loss too much seeing as they were the first team to be awarded a golden star on their T-shirts.


Since 2004, 20 teams have been competing against each other during Andata (September-January) and Ritorno (January-May). The teams are now given 3 points for each of the games that are played and won, unlike in 1995, when they were rewarded with only 2 points. At the end of a season the three lowest-placed teams are relegated to Serie B, from which the top two teams are always promoted to Serie A; if the third-placed team is more than 10 points ahead of the fourth-placed one, it will be automatically promoted, if not, it will have to enter a playoff tournament to win one of the 2 available spots. Become a winner yourself by following the best Serie A predictions offered exclusively at sports-betting-winners.com!

Unlike La Liga, Italy lifted the ban on non-EU players it had for several years; yet it still awards the clubs quotas that will allow them to buy players from outside the European Union borders, thus giving each team the possibility to sign 3 new players, provided that up to the day of the signing there were no non-EU players on the team.Based on the UEFA coefficients, which are changing every year, teams from Italy qualify for the European tournaments. As of today, Italy is placed as the fourth league in the world, which means the first two teams form Serie A directly qualify for the Champions League. While the third one goes to play in the qualification round, the fourth and fifth are invited to Europa League. Of course all this could change next year, depending on the team’s performance, which will reflect directly on the coefficients the country receives.


A recent analysis showed that the majority of all Italian sponsors are either specialized in communications, the sports-betting industry or travels. Many Italian clubs are being backed up by Italian banks or other financial groups, such as Banca Popolare di Verona and Monte dei Paschi di Siena, who are supporting their cities’ teams: Chievo and Siena.

Jeep is Juventus’ official sponsor, Volkswagen signed a one-year deal with AS Roma, Mazda with Fiorentina, and Pirelli are still Inter’s main sponsors. Eurobet is backing Palermo, and Serie B is sponsored by Betfair. Emirates are the shirt sponsor for AC Milan. Another important feature that will help you decide on the best teams and to place your bets with the bookmakers offering best Serie A odds, are the television rights. In the past, the teams negotiated the rights themselves, now they have to do it collectively, thus, the sum of money paid by television channels for the rights are much higher; last season’s rights, for example, were sold for a record sum of 181.5 million Euros.


  • Internazionale Milano holds the record for most wins in a season, as it managed to set a record of 30 wins in 38 games in 2006.
  • Paolo Maldini, Milan’s captain is the player with the most appearances in Serie A (647 appearances and 29 goals scored).
  • When Juventus and Milan were stripped of their points in 2006 due to the match fixing scandal, Inter were crowned champions, as they were the highest-placed team at that moment.
  • Giuseppe Furino is the only player who managed to win 8 championships with the same team; he stood by Juventus’ side since 1969 up until he retired in 1984.
  • Silvio Piola is the player with most goals scored, 274, in all of his 537 appearances in Serie A in several teams.

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