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Why Most Sports Bettors Lose?

  • Ali
    • Posted : August 9, 2012
    • 10:58 am
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    You can have the best money management system in the world and be extremely disciplined. However, as long as you are unable to pick odds with value, then you are doomed to losing money in the long run. The only way to be successful in betting is to be able to spot the odds with value (which basically means that they are higher than what they should/will be) and bet on them. And then yes, you might want to care about the money management as well.

  • tips betting,betting tips,Tipsters,tipster competition
    • Posted : August 18, 2012
    • 4:12 pm
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    Hi There Admin,
    This question may be a little off-topic, There are some approaches to make revenue. Be it in investing in bonds and stocks, providing significant price products like residence or monetary goods, you really need to do a trade off amongst the threat and opportunity income attained. Of training course, better threat will mean better potential income, but there are tips to safeguard the possibility that you are getting by making sure that you earn the probable profits. It is the exact for divertissement betting. You will need to locate approaches to reduce your threat by doing sure that you have a excessive opportunity of successful.
    I look forward to your next post

  • EVAnessa
    • Posted : August 23, 2012
    • 2:37 pm
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    What a great post! My sincerely congrats! That is what all bettors should take into account once they place a bet: that in this industry, someone’s loss is another’s gain…

  • Confucius
    • Posted : August 23, 2012
    • 4:21 pm
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    I know someone who losses pretty often and though, never stops betting. Actually, I think he does it for sheer pleasure, even if his strategy is not too good. I’ll truly reccomend him this blog to help him with smth.

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