It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the quarter-final stage in the World Cup! It has been ups and downs. We’ve witnessed favorites getting eliminated one by one so far, and some spectacular performances from the least expected teams. But if you’re a bettor, which probably you’re if you’re reading this, you need to be confident with your bet, for which we’re helping you here. It’s not the end of the road though because you need to get best Asian bookmakers via betting agent if you don’t want to waste such a profitable bet.

Belgium may be our favorite team in the World Cup 2018. And in Pinnacle Sports, the sportsbook with the best limits, know that. Why? Because of the team being very high-class and the football they have been displaying. They seem to be the most formed team in the World Cup. They competed with England, Tunisia, and Panama in Group G. It can be said that they were pretty lucky to be in this group. In this way, they finished the group as leaders with nine points in total. In three matches, they were able to score nine goals. However, they conceded only two goals. After the group matches, they were matched with Japan and they were expected to earn a win pretty easily but that wasn’t the case. In every part of the match, Japan played better but they couldn’t find the score they needed. In the second half, Japan got ahead and Belgian players’ concentration dropped like a bomb. They made the score 2-2 with the two goals they scored in 5 minutes. While we were getting sure that the match would go overtime, Nacer Chadli gave his team the victory with the goal he scored in 90+5. So, Belgium defeated Japan and became a quarter-finalist.

Brazil is being nominated as one of the favorite teams of the World Cup 2018. Tite’s students had a struggle against Costa Rica, Serbia, and Switzerland but they managed to complete the group in the first place. They ended up being the leaders with 7 points in total. In the last-16 stage, they were against Mexico and defeated them with a clean sheet. That way, they became Belgium’s opponent in the quarter-finals. Two of the goals were scored by Neymar and Firmino.

During Brazil’s four encounters in the tournament, they conceded only one goal. However, there’s no need to narrate Belgium’s attack line. They’ll definitely find a score against Brazil with the forward trio Lukaku, Hazard and Mertens. That’s why we prefer both teams to score market. We also prefer you to open a betting account via betting agent to place this bet, no other place you can find bookies with the best odds and limits.


Tonight’s one of the last matches will be played between Panama and Tunisia. In honor of the last group matches, we also wanted to write a prediction dedicated to this encounter. Both of the teams have already said their farewells to the World Cup, but they want to end their story with a victory. Keep on reading and after you prepare your winning bet, don’t forget to place it on the best betting platform for multiple bookies!

Panama has no claims in the group. They managed to be on the top three with the performance they showed in the eliminations. In the last match against Costa Rica, they succeeded not to play in the playoffs. However, they couldn’t make a start as they wanted in the World Cup. Of course, they were already feeling the disadvantages when they were placed in the same group with such strong teams as England and Belgium. They faced Belgium first and were defeated 3-0. Their second match was with England and this time, they conceded six goals to zero. By this, their hopes for getting out of the groups sank into deep and disappeared. We must underline that they conceded 9 goals in two matches, and they have the title of the team with the most conceded goals.

Similar to Panama, Tunisia is one of the underdogs of this group. They were pretty ineffective in the two matches they played in the groups, and they have no assertions with the performance they’ve displayed so far. However, in the eliminations, they haven’t lost a single match in six matches and finished the group stages as leaders. They were able to hold on until the 90th minute in their first match against England, but they lost the game dramatically with Kane’s set-piece goal. In the second match against Belgium, they couldn’t help but be defeated 5-2.

Again, this is a match which is hard to bet on a winner. Tunisia seems to be one step ahead of Panama, but we expect both teams to score in this struggle for prestige. You can also finish the group stage with a winning. You only need to open VIP-IBC account via betting agent for the World Cup.


We are getting close to the ending of the group stage in the World Cup, and soon we’ll be watching the matches between last-16. We must say that there has been a lot of surprises so far. For today’s prediction, we picked England vs Belgium! Keep on reading before you place your bet on the best betting broker for original accounts!

England has competed with Slovakia, Scotland, Slovenia, Latvia, and Malta in the Group F of eliminations. After ten encounters, they finished off the groups with eight wins and two draws in the position of leadership. That’s how they got the golden ticket to the World Cup 2018. Their first fight in Group G was against Tunisia. They really struggled to get a win during the match but thanks to Harry Kane’s last-minute-goal, they were able to get three points. In the second encounter, Gareth Southgate and his students confronted Panama. They guaranteed the last-16 after beating Panama with an extraordinary score (6-1). Their last and the most important encounter will be this one, against Belgium. We can consider this match as an early final and we think that England will be effective in finding goal positions.

Now, let’s check Belgium’s road to the World Cup. The journey started for them in Group H of the eliminations where they competed with Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, South Cyprus, and Gibraltar. They had nine wins and one draw in ten matches they played. Their opening match in the World Cup was against Panama. With the 3-0 victory they had and the quality of football they performed in the field, they did an assertive beginning. Unstoppable Roberto Martinez and his students defeated Tunisia 5-2 in their second match. As a consequence, they have become the country who plays the most effective football. Now, they will be in front of England for the leadership of the group, and we are pretty sure that they will continue exhibiting their amazing football.

Frankly speaking, it is hard to decide who will leave this match with a victory. We rather believe that both of the teams are capable of scoring and 2.5 goals line will be exceeded very easily. For this one, you need to open original account via betting broker now!

Preview: Portugal – Spain (World Cup 2018, 15.06.2018)

Two strong teams in Group B will have a battle tomorrow, and it will be the second match of the group. It is a match full of stars! If you are still unsure about your bet, keep on reading to create the perfect bet with your VIP-IBC account via betting agent.


Portugal became the champion in Euro 2016 and made a dream come true. Therefore, they are ready for the World Cup mentally. In the playoffs, they competed against Switzerland head to head and were able to finish the group as leaders. They defeated Switzerland 2-0 at home and took the ticket to the World Cup with goal difference. Fernando Santos and his team had nine wins and one loss in 10 matches. They scored 32 goals in total, however, conceded only 4 goals. Therefore, they were the most scorer team, but also the team who conceded the least number of goals in the group. They are the favorites of the group alongside Spain. If they win their very first match, they will have a huge advantage of finishing the group successfully.

Spain is odds-on favorite obviously. If everything goes well, we expect them to finish the groups as leaders or as first front-runners. Morocco and Iran are easier to beat than Portugal. In the playoffs, they were not defeated and finished their group in the first place with 28 points. That’s how they reserved their seat in the World Cup. We need to inform that Alvaro Morato won’t be in the squad. He was transferred to Chelsea last year and had a very bad season. Instead of him, Rodrigo was included. He performs very well in Valencia. Rodrigo’s team tied with Switzerland 1-1 and beat Tunisia 1-0.

We believe that it’s not an easy match to guess the winner. Spain are the favorites, however, Portugal has effective scorers, and we think that they can find the net at least once. Our preferred choice is both teams to score, and we’ll place it on VIP-IBC. We’re so glad that we’ve recently opened an account from there because it’s so easy to have access to the best odds in this betting software for multiple bookmakers.

Preview: Flamengo – Bahia (Brazilian Série A, 31.05.2018)

In Brazilia, Flamengo host Bahia at Estadio Maracana for the mid-week encounter. Currently, the hosts are at the 1st place with 14 points, and the visitors are at the 15th place with 8 points. So, if you can find yourself a place with the best betting platform for multiple bookmakers, you’re good to go!

Flamengo vs Bahia via BET-IBC!

Flamengo is protecting their place as the leaders with the points they collected at the end of seven matches. Moreover, they got through the group stage of Copa Libertadores successfully. They finished the groups as the second team, two points behind of River Plate. Another reason to support Flamengo is that they conceded only one goal for the last five home matches in and outside of the league. We don’t know if we have to say this as you probably already know, but they are pretty ahead of Bahia. That’s also what the odds are saying.

On the other hand, it seems like Bahia will struggle a lot this season. They are only 2 points ahead of the relegation line with 8 points they were able to collect out of seven matches. Thanks to the 3-0 victory they had against Vasco Gama last week, they are at least less concerned at the moment. They reached all of their points in home matches, which also means that they haven’t been able to earn a point as the away team. Not only points but also they couldn’t score a goal.

Let’s dive into some statistics now. For the last 7 home matches against Bahia, Flamengo won and tied three times, and lost only once. As you can see, statistics also indicate a victory from the hosts. Another fact is that both teams made a contribution to the score in four of the last five matches against each other.

We are expecting a very guaranteed win from Flamengo against Bahia that can’t even produce a goal. Therefore, you can also try your luck by giving the hosts a clean sheet. There’s only one betting platform via betting agent that you can find the best odds for these options.

Preview: Hamburger SV – Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga, 07.03.2015)

Ever since stating their objective was not a Champions League place, but the Bundesliga stay, Borussia Dortmund started playing better. Now, BVB is getting ready for the Bundesliga trip to Hamburg.

Borussia Dortmund secured a DFB Pokal quarter-final qualification after a 2-0 win over Dynamo Dresden, where Immobile scored a brace in the second half. They would have lost the tie if it were up to Mats Hummels, who lost the ball to Eilers right after Immobile opened the score. Langerak saved the team from the blushes and they can now fully concentrate on Bundesliga. Don’t hesitate and use the services of the best betting broker for original accounts.

After the 0-8 disaster against Bayern Munich, Hamburg’s attempts to escape relegation zone are proving futile. They lost against Eintracht Frankfurt (they have Meier) but managed to record an unexpected 1-1 draw against Gladbach.


Zinnbauer is aware Behrami will lead Hamburg on the pitch and is willing to build the team around him if the medical staff will give the ok until Friday. Dortmund has improved greatly in the last couple of matches, and they are the obvious favorites to win, even if in the last five matches, including the ones when they were at the top of their form, they only have one win, while Hamburg has four wins. If Cleber does indeed return in his center-back role, Immobile and Aubameyang will have trouble scoring early in the game. Speaking about goals, BVB has scored at least three in their last four Bundesliga matches, and in their four wins, they have conceded four goals, against Mainz and Stuttgart, the last placed Bundesliga team.

Hamburg has 6.00 odds to win, Dortmund 1.53, and a draw with a lot of goals has 4.33 odds. We are going to bet 7 units on Hamburg to score in the second half with 2.20 odds from Bet365, the best bookmaker for football.