Responsible Gambling

What is it about?

Responsible gambling for online operators

Responsible gambling or gaming is a concept used by gambling operators to ensure the responsible usage of their services by bettors in a safe and fair way. In order to protect players from possible negative consequences, online gambling operators or providers need to make sure the secure gaming experience by protecting their customers and preventing underrated people to use them; all this pass by fulfilling a series of standards. Both land-based and online providers must comply with responsible gambling.

What every bettor or player needs to understand is that gambling must be taken as a pastime to have fun and not as something that they can make a living out of or as the main income source.

What are the principles of Responsible Gambling?

• Safe online environment: every online gambling operator must guarantee a secure and reliable gambling environment, by the means of regulatory controls complying with the licenses they hold; all internal processes regarding operability must work efficiently and safely.
• Protection of vulnerable players: a number of measures must be set in order to help and take care of vulnerable gamblers, which will be more susceptible to develop gambling problems like addiction; among the measures, self-exclusion process, advice and support, and limit settings for gambling are the most popular and helpful for such cases.
• Prevention of underaged gaming: age control and restrictions are important for online gambling providers as it must comply with the legality within the jurisdiction where their services are provided; in this sense, the registration processes and age verification steps must be strictly followed.
• Information privacy: customers need to know that their personal information is safe, that’s why a set of protective policies must be established in order to prevent any disclosure of customers’ data or records or any unauthorized access to it.
• Payment protection: gaming operators must provide secure and document-based payment options so customers’ transactions are done safely and promptly; for this, the most reliable payment methods should be used so players are safe when depositing or withdrawing their money.
• Safety against fraud or criminal activities: for this, gambling operators must set anti-money laundering protocols where they require KYC (know your customer) documents and they commit to reporting any suspicious activity; also, anti-hacking programs are useful to secure their websites from malicious activity.

Can I get help if I have a gambling problem?

Tips to gamble responsibly

Yes! The first step to find a suitable solution for a gambling problem or addiction is realizing you have one. As mentioned before, gaming must be a fun activity and not something that rules your life and your economy; however, many people become addict to gambling and, most of the time, they don’t even realize they are having a gambling issue. If you feel like you have a gambling problem or addiction, we strongly recommend you to look for help with specialized organizations in order to obtain related support. Among the most important ones we can name:

↠ Gambling Therapy
↠ Gamblers Anonymus
↠ GamCare

Alongside these organization which provide online help for gambling addiction, there are many more, and important events about responsible gambling take place all around the world in order to promote a safe and reliable gaming experience for every bettor.

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