This is the second and the last semi-final we’ll watch in the World Cup 2018. This one will decide which team will be the opponent of France in the final game. France was able to defeat Belgium (1-0) yesterday. It’s actually sad that we’re heading to the end of the tournament. We won’t be able to watch wonderful matches, nor be able to bet on the best betting platform.


For sure, Croatia is one of the surprising teams of the World Cup 2018. We actually expected Argentina and Iceland to share the top places in Group D and be off to the top 16. However, Croatia did very well and became the leaders, leaving Argentina and Iceland behind. They were able to defeat Nigeria with a clean sheet in their first group match and got their first victory. However, their score and play against Argentina were much more significant than their victory against Nigeria. They threw the delusion away and they guaranteed to be out of the groups after leaving the field with such a score (3-0) in front of Argentina. Seriously, this score against the masters of the tango wasn’t a victory to be undervalued. After this match, they didn’t stop and got another victory (2-1) from Iceland. This time, they guaranteed to be the leaders. We can say that they winked at the finals with their performance against Iceland. What about their performance for the last 16 matches? Let’s have a look! Their first opponent was Denmark, and the match ended 1-1 in the regulation time. It was time for the penalties, and it was also time for another victory for Croatia. Guess what? In the quarter-finals against the host Russia, they won with penalty kicks again (4-3). Before this game, Vrsaljko’s condition is not still clear.

To us, it seems like England will make their remark this summer after the World Cup 2018. England’s chance has increased as the favorite teams eliminated from the tournament one by one. England was in the same group with Panama, Tunisia, and Belgium, and finished it in the second place with 6 points in total. In their first group match against Tunisia, Harry Kane was the key player who contributed to the victory a lot. They also guaranteed the last 16 at the end of their second match which was against Panama. Their last match against Belgium was purely a fight for being the group leader. However, they couldn’t succeed as they were beaten 1-0. For the last 16 matches, they were matched with Colombia. They were leading the game with the penalty kick which was scored by Harry Kane on the 57th minute. As they were about to win, Yerry Mina’s goal led the game to the overtime and eventually to the penalties. But in the end, England was still the winner (4-3). In the quarter-finals, they fought against Sweden. Honestly, we expected the match to be a tough one for England but they managed to have an easy win. They became a semi-finalist with Harry Kane’s and Dele Alli’s goals. They are aiming to play in the finals after beating Croatia in this game.

For us, it’s a little hard to bet on the 1×2 market. The Croatian is effective in offensive but pretty flexible in defense. They couldn’t close their net to the opponents for the last three games. Also today, we expect both teams to score. If you want to go a little bit crazier with your bet, you may also consider England to win but we’re staying innocent this time. But allow us to brag about where we place our bets because we earned more than what we could after we open an account at VIP-IBC via betting agent. We are always able to pick the highest odds, so we always earn more!