Bordeaux – Le Mans FC (French Cup 03/01/2020 19:55 GMT)

Tomorrow we are going to witness a meeting for the french cup between Bordeaux and Le Mans FC. Bordeaux is currently a 13th placed team in League 1 and wants to improve in this new year 2020, since they ended last year with a poor performance. Le Mans on the other side is in the 15th position in League 2. Sign up for the best betting software VIP-IBC and get the best odds for Bordeaux vs Le Mans.

Bordeaux – Le Mans FC

Will this winter break have a positive effect on Bordeaux? In any case it would have been welcome since they experience much difficulty this end of year 2019. Girondins de Bordeaux’s side is on a run of four straight defeats in Marseille (3-1) , against Strasbourg (0-1) at Matmut Atlantique, at Brest (2-0) in the League Cup and Rennes (1-0) on 21 December. The scapular club, drop to 13th place, hopes to take advantage of the arrival of Le Mans, 15th in Ligue 2, to resume victory in the 1/32nd final of this French Cup.

Le Mans were knocked out of the League Cup by another Ligue 1 side, PSG (1-4) at MMArena on 18 December. A failure well covered up for with the clear victory obtained on the field of Paris FC (3-0) on the last day. Difficult winner of the Herbiers (2-1 ap) in the previous round, Le Mans could see its course in this French Cup end in Gironde.

Bordeaux won 6 of the 7 last games against Mans. To conclude I would say with Bordeaux’s poor performance these past weeks, they will want to start this year 2020 with a qualification for the 1/16th finals.

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Tomorrow is the last clash on Matchday 2 of 38 of Premier League, and the Ultimate Kickoff team prepared the best betting tip online for Crystal Palace vs Liverpool. Keep reading to check the best free tips but don’t forget that for all of them you must open a Pinnacle account via betting agent to get the highest betting odds.

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Jürgen Klopp’s team visits Selhurst Park with the aura of candidate to the league after the signings of summer: Alisson (Rome), Fabinho (Monaco), Shaqiri (Stoke City), Sturridge (West Bromwich Albion), Naby Keita (Leipzig), and Origi (Wolfsburg). And the good image in the premiere against West Ham: 4-0 with Mané’s double, and 1 goal for Salah and Sturridge.

But on Monday, Liverpool will visit one of their black beasts in recent times: Crystal Palace. Since the Londoners returned to the Premier League in 2013, both teams have met eleven times, with a balance of six wins for the Reds, four for Palace and a draw. Interestingly, that draw was the most painful result for the Reds since it buried all the Reds options to win the league.

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On the other side Crystal Palace in the 1st round won 0-2 to the newly promoted Fulham. Last season, Palace finished 14th with hardly any suffering as they ended with an 11-point cushion over it. In the defensive aspect, they scored 55 goals, being the 10th best defense in the league.

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A lot of excitement in one tournament! Champions Cup 2018 continues with the most qualified matches all around the world. From tonight until tomorrow morning, we will watch six encounters in total. The matches will be played at the Heinz Field which is located in Pennsylvania, United States. Out of these six, we chose the one between the German representative Dortmund and the Portuguese representative Benfica because we think that the result is obvious and a win is guaranteed. But if you choose the best betting broker for European exchanges, there’s nothing can hold you back in term of profit!


A Great Beginning From Dortmund:

Dortmund completed last season at the 4th place in Germany Bundesliga. It’s possible to say that they had an inefficient season despite their strong squad. They were expected to come second, but they hardly even managed to participate in the Champions League. In the Champions Cup before the season, they defeated Manchester City and Liverpool, and they proved how strong actually they are. Now, they will confront one of the weakest teams in the tournament which is Benfica.

Benfica Will Struggle:

Let’s also have a look at Benfica quickly. They came second in the Portugal Premier League last year. They gave the title away to Porto, which were ahead of Benfica with seven points. In the Champions Cup, they have been facing off strong components obviously. We don’t believe that they have the power to Dortmund which has two wins at the moment.

I think it’s pretty clear what our betting option will be for this encounter. Dortmund will have an easy victory over Benfica. For such matches, where one team is the obvious favorite, you definitely need to find the highest odds so that your bet can have value. That’s why we suggest you to open original Betfair account via betting broker.


6th International Champions Cup continues with the match between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain in Klagenfurt, Austria. These matches are considered as practice games before the season but there is no doubt that they are as much as excited as the season encounters. A quick note in the beginning: These two teams encountered eight times in history. PSG was able to defeat Bayern Munich five times. If you plan to bet on this game with the best betting software for multiple bookmakers, you’re in the right place! Keep reading and prepare your winning bet!

Bayern Munich players in action

Bayern Munich finished last season as the clear champions in Bundesliga. They literally had a perfect season. Jupp Haynceks was appointed as the coach in the mid-season and won general approval from the fans. However, no one persuaded him to stay despite all the efforts. They signed with Niko Kovac for the next season, and this match against PSG will be their first important mission. We think that Bayern’s first-line will consist of young players. When analyzing those youngsters’ performances, we can say that Bayern is potentially a step ahead of PSG.

Also, the defending champion of the Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain couldn’t achieve the success they wanted in the Champions League and separated their ways with the coach Unai Emery. They started a new page with the new coach Thomas Tuchel, and their hopes have flourished again. He is expected to carry his team higher in the Champions League. Also, another championship is expected this year. In the backstage, there are rumors regarding the transfers will be done, and Neymar’s situation is still unclear. Quite frankly, they are having difficulty in maintaining the team order. Therefore, we think that this will be a tough game for them against Bayern.

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This is the second and the last semi-final we’ll watch in the World Cup 2018. This one will decide which team will be the opponent of France in the final game. France was able to defeat Belgium (1-0) yesterday. For this one, we will be able to bet on the best betting platform.


For sure, Croatia is one of the surprising teams of the World Cup 2018. We actually expected Argentina and Iceland to share the top places in Group D and be off to the top 16. However, Croatia did very well and became the leaders, leaving Argentina and Iceland behind. They were able to defeat Nigeria with a clean sheet. However, their score and play against Argentina were much more significant than their victory against Nigeria. After this match, they didn’t stop and got another victory (2-1) from Iceland. This time, they guaranteed to be the leaders.

To us, it seems like England will make their remark this summer after the World Cup 2018. England’s chance has increased as the favorite teams eliminated from the tournament one by one. England was in the same group with Panama, Tunisia, and Belgium, and finished it in the second place with 6 points in total. For the last 16 matches, they were matched with Colombia. In the quarter-finals, they fought against Sweden. Honestly, we expected the match to be a tough one for England but they managed to have an easy win. They are aiming to play in the finals after beating Croatia in this game.

For us, it’s a little hard to bet on the 1×2 market. The Croatian is effective in offensive but pretty flexible in defense. Also today, we expect both teams to score. If you want to go a little bit crazier with your bet, you may also consider England to win but we’re staying innocent this time. But allow us to brag about where we place our bets because we earned more than what we could after we register at VIP-IBC via betting agent. We are always able to pick the highest odds, so we always earn more!


It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the quarter-final stage in the World Cup! It has been ups and downs. We’ve witnessed favorites getting eliminated one by one so far, and some spectacular performances from the least expected teams. But if you’re a bettor, which probably you’re if you’re reading this, you need to be confident with your bet, for which we’re helping you here. It’s not the end of the road though because you need to get best Asian bookmakers via betting agent if you don’t want to waste such a profitable bet.

Belgium may be our favorite team in the World Cup 2018. And in Pinnacle Sports, the sportsbook with the best limits, know that. Why? Because of the team being very high-class and the football they have been displaying. They seem to be the most formed team in the World Cup. They competed with England, Tunisia, and Panama in Group G. It can be said that they were pretty lucky to be in this group. In this way, they finished the group as leaders with nine points in total. In three matches, they were able to score nine goals. However, they conceded only two goals. After the group matches, they were matched with Japan and they were expected to earn a win pretty easily but that wasn’t the case. In every part of the match, Japan played better but they couldn’t find the score they needed. In the second half, Japan got ahead and Belgian players’ concentration dropped like a bomb. They made the score 2-2 with the two goals they scored in 5 minutes. While we were getting sure that the match would go overtime, Nacer Chadli gave his team the victory with the goal he scored in 90+5. So, Belgium defeated Japan and became a quarter-finalist.

Brazil is being nominated as one of the favorite teams of the World Cup 2018. Tite’s students had a struggle against Costa Rica, Serbia, and Switzerland but they managed to complete the group in the first place. They ended up being the leaders with 7 points in total. In the last-16 stage, they were against Mexico and defeated them with a clean sheet. That way, they became Belgium’s opponent in the quarter-finals. Two of the goals were scored by Neymar and Firmino.

During Brazil’s four encounters in the tournament, they conceded only one goal. However, there’s no need to narrate Belgium’s attack line. They’ll definitely find a score against Brazil with the forward trio Lukaku, Hazard and Mertens. That’s why we prefer both teams to score market. We also prefer you to open a betting account via betting agent to place this bet, no other place you can find bookies with the best odds and limits.


Tonight’s one of the last matches will be played between Panama and Tunisia. In honor of the last group matches, we also wanted to write a prediction dedicated to this encounter. Both of the teams have already said their farewells to the World Cup, but they want to end their story with a victory. Keep on reading and after you prepare your winning bet, don’t forget to place it on the best betting platform for multiple bookies!

Panama has no claims in the group. They managed to be on the top three with the performance they showed in the eliminations. In the last match against Costa Rica, they succeeded not to play in the playoffs. However, they couldn’t make a start as they wanted in the World Cup. Of course, they were already feeling the disadvantages when they were placed in the same group with such strong teams as England and Belgium. They faced Belgium first and were defeated 3-0. Their second match was with England and this time, they conceded six goals to zero. By this, their hopes for getting out of the groups sank into deep and disappeared. We must underline that they conceded 9 goals in two matches, and they have the title of the team with the most conceded goals.

Similar to Panama, Tunisia is one of the underdogs of this group. They were pretty ineffective in the two matches they played in the groups, and they have no assertions with the performance they’ve displayed so far. However, in the eliminations, they haven’t lost a single match in six matches and finished the group stages as leaders. They were able to hold on until the 90th minute in their first match against England, but they lost the game dramatically with Kane’s set-piece goal. In the second match against Belgium, they couldn’t help but be defeated 5-2.

Again, this is a match which is hard to bet on a winner. Tunisia seems to be one step ahead of Panama, but we expect both teams to score in this struggle for prestige. You can also finish the group stage with a winning. You only need to open VIP-IBC account via betting agent for the World Cup.